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My Introduction

Posted by Britrock on May 26, 2009

When a search for “How to construct, edit and maintain a blog with multiple topics ranging from Brit-rock music to English football, from social media marketing and public relations to consumer tech, Apple iPhone apps and other stuff that happens in my life?” failed to yield the perfect resource for putting together this blog, I decided to make it up. My blog will not be a hyper-focused series of articles on one topic for that wouldn’t be the authentic Philip. With interests that cut across many aspects of life I’ll attempt to capture the elements I, and hopefully anyone reading these pieces, will also find interesting and valuable.

The “About” section of this blog will capture a little about me and what this blog will cover, however, I’m going to introduce myself and elements of what make me – Philip Robertson in this post. I’m a Brit, born in Edinburgh, Scotland who moved to England when I was very young. No, I don’t have a Scottish accent, in fact my only recognizable Scottish trait is my translucent skin which adopts in a marvelous palate of reds and pinks during the summer months as my skin cooks like shrimp. My formative years were spent on the south coast of England in and around the town of Alresford, Hampshire, the surrounding towns, villages and cities amid the green countryside.

Five years were spent in London working in public relation’s agencies, enjoying the indie-rock music scene in addition to exploring different cities throughout Europe. Which brings us upto the present and my life in New York where I’ve spent eight good years, working in marketing communications roles with public relations agencies and in marketing departments of companies.

Living in New York City has afforded me the opportunity to visit more than half the states in America, elation, confusion, fear… sorry, I probably should have introduced my random bouts of odd humor earlier in this piece. Bear with me, it will become easier to understand.

New York City is my current home and feels like a hub to me. Its a place trade, art, music, fashion etc, etc, visits if not begins in some instances, which provides opportunity to experience a wide variety of ..well.. differing experiences of pretty much everything. Touring bands stop in New York, usually only the better or more established UK acts to whit I’m largely influenced. And occasionally a band will  begin their fledgling music career in one of the smaller venues and I”ll get to see it.

Benzos at Rothko

Benzos at Rothko

Tradeshows and summits frequently take place here bringing a rich diversity of industry. Professionals, companies and people needing attention flock to New York City to seek the rapture of the influencers and column inches or time on screen. And the people of every nation live here adding flavor, flavour or ‘flavah’ depending on which part of the city I or they are passing through.

This is my justification for writing about many unrelated and different topics. I hope you enjoy them, comment section is open and there are multiple ways listed on how to contact me more personally. Oh, and if you must post spam for male enhancement products etc or other freebies please consider whether adding more of me or my offspring to this planet is really what you want for this planet.


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