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Did You or Someone Else Secure Your Facebook Name F-O-R-E-V-E-R [dun-dun dadada]

Posted by Britrock on June 13, 2009

Last night’s Facebook “vanity address” grab felt like a PR campaign. Tension and anticipation was built up through blog posts on Facebook, followed by media coverage intimating that brands and individuals would be fighting for their online identity. In reality, a handful of people logged on at midnight and blundered their way through the one click process of securing their ‘Facebook’  identity f-o-r-e-v-e-r! Like a bad driving license or passport photograph, one mistake or over eager click of a button and Facebook users would be stuck with a miss-spelled name or punctuation in places that didn’t need it. At least that was part of the story.

Hysterical Media Reaction to Facebook Name Claim

Hysterical Media Reaction to Facebook Name Claim

Its difficult to tell how many people actually stayed by a computer, the minutes ticking down until midnight when the application system was activated, however reading the conversation on Facebook and Twitter amongst my small group of friends it appeared that 5% of us took the time to make the change almost immediately. Mashable claimed that 200,000 names were applied for in 3 minutes last night.  Mine was more luck that planning, as I returned home close to midnight having a great night out with close friends watching Josh Ritter open Central Park Summerstage’s 2009 season with a mellow performance amongst the trees.

Rosh Ritter at Summerstage 09

Rosh Ritter at Summerstage 09

Relaxing, with beer in hand, I logged onto Facebook and clicked the first named option available Moments after accepting the address for the [insert dramatic tension…perhaps I should create a blog post and conduct calls to reporters to build up the tension] “rest of my life,” I realized I didn’t need punctuation in the middle of my name. Fortunately Facebook also captured for me. But why offer the two alternatives and why assign them to the same person? Surely this will reduce the number of available accounts, unless there’s something I’m missing or perhaps its not as important as was suggested in the hype beforehand.

Life didn’t change after I secured my own personal brand… er… name my parents gave me. So I’m off to the gym. Safe in the knowledge something even less dramatic will happen sometime soon.. but with probably greater significance and I’ll miss out because its really not that important in the greater scheme of things.


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