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My business was hit by catastrophic backup failure

Posted by Britrock on February 13, 2013


After the police report was submitted, filings made to lost luggage at NJ Transit and PATH system, and an insurance claim filed, I was left to work out how to move on and prevent this kind of lose happening in the future. What I hadn’t expected to happen was NJ Transit calling to let me know my bag and all of its contents had been turned in. When collecting my bag from the equally bemused NJ Transit employees, all they were able to tell me was “someone decided to turn in the property.” Even when pressed that’s all they would say. I’ve not been able to truly understand what happened to my laptop bag that was double strapped (one through the handle and the shoulder strap entwined through the retractable handle of my suitcase) but I’m grateful for having everything back. Now to put into place the backup plans to ensure if anything similar happens, my work isn’t lost irretrievably. No one can be this lucky twice.

My business was hit by catastrophic backup failure

Missing laptop

Missing laptop

Yesterday’s state of the nation address (SONA) seated all of the presidential office in one venue, presenting the daunting prospect of what to do should something terrible happen to everyone in that room? Who would be president and how would America move forwards? I was on a plane as the SONA was taking place, and we were asked to turn of our electronic devices for wheels-up it got me wondering what would happen if my one-man business was affected with a large loss.

Well as it happens that something awful happened on the last leg of my journey home last night, as my bag containing my laptop and hard drives with backups of all my data was stolen last night. The tool I use the most for my business – my 17’ MacBook Pro i7 is gone. I’ve lost my previous clients’ work and all the original RAW files of every wedding, portrait, event and Guinness World Record I’ve photographed, save for a few images on my website, Dropbox and one set on a memory card that hasn’t been reformatted yet.

Everything I’ve photographed, edited, stored, written, planned and budgeted since I started Britrock Photography are lost. Police reports, lost property reports, insurance claims and desperate pleas on Craigslist for the return of the hard drive will likely yield nothing more than time spent in hope.

The only way out of this situation is to get remotivated and act as those this is a business reset. Wasting too much time pontificating or worrying about what could have, should have, would have taken place, I need to assess what I have and plan to start again.

Thankfully I have my camera gear – cameras, lenses, speedlights, reflectors and the skills I’ve learned. A couple of clients and some experience. You can’t lose the experiences and those are the critical elements that will drive me onwards.

Sadly I don’t have the funds to afford a replacement laptop to edit any of the new images I shoot, and that’s the next biggest hurdle. I’m writing this from an ancient PC still running XP with a nervous tic that prevents Firefox from running without a crash for more than 7 minutes at a time. Cue Firefox crash? Funnily enough I may have to extend the up-time estimate to 10 minutes. Positivity is working already.

From this day forward I to promise to create a double if not triple backup of everything. I will use Google Drive, Dropbox and Mozy to ensure I don’t have to start budgets and plans from scratch ever again. Most importantly I will make sure I have a double backup of all future images I shoot.

Wish me luck on my business rebirth.


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