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Philip RobertsonI’m a Brit, born in Edinburgh, Scotland who moved to England when I was very young. No, I don’t have a Scottish accent, in fact my only recognizable Scottish trait is my translucent skin. (Read more about me in the “My Introduction” post if you really need to.) This blog documents the gamet of my current experience including consumer technology, marketing trends, New York City happenings, and finally live music and sport as it relates to my cultural home of England.

Having spent more than ten years in the marketing communications and public relations world within agencies and in-house on both sides of the Atlantic, I’ve a healthy amount of experience to draw upon for commentary. Occasionally I write for .  I contribute to the Twitter community. And have active FriendFeed, Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn profiles, in addition to MySpace, Yelp, TripAdvisor. I sense this mine become a blog entry – where I live online.

Feel free to contact me on any of those sites – I’ve been using the name Britrock (a Brit that loves rock music). Or leave messages here. Thanks for reading.


One Response to “About”

  1. roblovitt said

    Hi Philip,

    Per my just-sent email, I’m hoping you’re available for a quick phone about the Guinness bikini record for a story for Please let me know at:

    Rob Lovitt
    P: 425 488 3506
    T: @roblovitt


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